Electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing – Smooth and shiny surface

Electropolishing of stainless steel is a modern and effective metal surface treatment method that provides excellent shine. It helps restore the natural corrosion resistance of stainless steel, enhances its visual appearance, facilitates product cleaning and sterilization, and reduces surface roughness.

Standard/non-standard sizes. Polishing of large parts and internal surface polishing.

Tank dimensions (length/width/depth): 1030x100x130cm.

What is electrochemical polishing?

Electrochemical polishing is a technological process in which stainless steel parts are exposed to an electrolyte, and an electric current is used to remove small particles from the metal surface, creating a uniform, smooth, and shiny surface. The degree of polishing and the duration of treatment vary depending on the needs. For example, technical parts may be treated shorter, while parts with high surface roughness requirements may be treated longer.

Advantages of electropolishing

  • Surface: After this type of polishing, the metal surface becomes very smooth, reducing dirt adhesion and improving corrosion resistance.
  • Enhancement: It is an ideal solution for polishing complex-shaped parts where mechanical polishing methods may be ineffective. Internal surface electropolishing is also performed.
  • Quality: This process is much faster and of higher quality than other polishing methods.


Electrochemical polishing is widely used in various industries, such as the production of medical equipment and instruments, the food industry, and many other areas where high-quality metal surface treatment is required.

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Electrochemical polishing

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