Decorative nickel plating

Decorative nickel plating – technological advantages and applications

Decorative nickel electroplating is a valuable technology used to enhance metal components’ aesthetic appearance and protection. Through this process, not only is an aesthetically appealing surface ensured, but it also reinforces the durability of the components.

Tank dimensions (length/width/depth): 220x80x60cm.

What is decorative nickel plating?

Decorative nickel plating is a process in which a metal surface is coated with nickel using the electrolysis method. It provides a shiny, smooth, and durable coating that protects the metal from corrosion and wear.

Technology specification

Special tanks with dimensions of 220x80x60cm are used in the nickel plating process. This tank allows for nickel plating of large components, ensuring a uniform and high-quality coating.

Advantages of nickel plating

Nickel plating enhances the resistance of components to external factors such as moisture, alkalis, and acids. Additionally, it imparts an excellent decorative appearance to metal components that are resistant to wear and corrosion.


Wide applications include automotive components and restoration, interior details, and other elements in the metal industry. Components treated with this technology not only become aesthetically appealing but also durable.

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