Electrogalvanization – steel anti-corrosion protection

Coating metal surfaces with zinc using the process of electrolysis.

ICS STEEL offers high-quality electrochemical zinc plating services. This process provides electrochemical protection against corrosion for metal products and gives them an aesthetic appearance. We employ the latest technologies and standards to ensure the best results.

Dimensions of alkali-based electrolytic zinc plating tanks (length/width/depth): 200x80x100cm.

Dimensions of acid-based electrolytic zinc plating tanks (length/width/depth): 385x80x150 cm.

Passivation tones:

  • colourless/blue (blue zinc)
  • yellow/rainbow (yellow zinc)
  • black (black zinc)

Advantages of electro-galvanizing

  • Electro-zinc provides electro-protection against corrosion and enhances the longevity of the metal.
  • When zinc-coating parts, there is an option to choose the tone.
  • Zinc galvanizing provides a protective coating for steel parts, serving as a decorative solution.


Applied to steel automobile parts and their restoration, various types of fasteners, components of power tools, interior details, and other elements in the metal industry.

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How much does electro-galvanizing cost?

To learn more about zinc plating prices, please get in touch with us. We offer competitive prices as well as special deals for volume orders.

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